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About William Buck in Western Sydney

William Buck has been part of the Australian business community for over 120 years.  Whilst we provide services to a broad range of clients, our core focus is on the private business community.  It is these businesses that are also the engine room for Western Sydney.  

Our commitment to Western Sydney area has been increased through our merger with Priestley & Morris, a well-known Chartered Accounting practice founded in Parramatta in 1899. 

At William Buck we specialise in providing individuals and businesses with a full range of accounting and advice. This includes business advisory, corporate advisory, tax, wealth, and business recovery services. Our integrated approach brings together expertise from across divisions and locations, providing specialist solutions tailored to you, and your region.

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About Making Western Sydney Greater 

Making Western Sydney Greater is a collaborative project between William Buck, St. George, the University of Western Sydney, and Western Sydney Business Connection. 

Analysing the experiences of business owners and managers in Western Sydney, we identify issues specific to the region and drive positive change. 

Using your results we:

  • Inform government on the key issues you identify 
  • Create seminars and training targeted to your needs
  • Arrange networking opportunities for local businesses with common opportunities, interests and challenges
  • Develop resources to directly support Western Sydney businesses
  • And more.

When you participate you’ll get priority access to all of these resources, as well as a full copy of the research report.
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Our fifth survey which is targeted to Western Sydney business owners and managers has been released. In this edition, we focus on the benefits and obstacles of automation, and take a look at the growth and employment outlook for businesses in Western Sydney.  If you are a Western Sydney business owner or manager and would like to share your views and insights click here to complete our short 10 minute online survey.

Making Western Sydney Greater Reports 

In the first survey, three key themes emerged across employment, infrastructure, and business sentiment.  SME Businesses in Western Sydney stood out in terms of their expected financial performance and employment intentions.  All businesses identified significant – but solvable – impediments to their business and the report highlights some of the ways these impediments could be overcome.

The first report can be downloaded here.

In the second survey, employment and training remains a key issue for businesses in the region as does transport.  The desire of businesses to contribute to a holistic development of Greater Western Sydney is clear. 

Whilst the financial outlook and growth opportunities for businesses in Greater Western Sydney appear to be stronger than that for the broader Australian business community, delivering investment and jobs growth in Western Sydney continues to be a core Government priority. The question is how this can be achieved.

The second report can be downloaded here.

The third report in the Making Western Sydney Greater research is now available. In this edition, we asked Western Sydney business owners and managers the greatest benefits and impediments of being a business in Western Sydney.   The results are sure to spark debate.

Business sentiment, employment intentions, financial performance and growth plans are some of the other topics we explore. To download your copy of the research, and find out what’s Making Western Sydney Greater for businesses, click here.

The third report can be downloaded here


The fourth report in the Making Western Sydney Greater research is now available.  In this edition, we investigated how the perception of Western Sydney impacts on businesses and what can be done to improve perceptions.  Our research also showed that Western Sydney business owners and managers have maintained a strong and positive outlook for their businesses, despite potentially disruptive national and global events, but some variance between different segments and regions was apparent.  To download your copy of the research, and find out what’s Making Western Sydney Greater for businesses, click here.

The fourth report can be downloaded here.

Our Philosophy

Priding ourselves on delivering personalised, practical expertise, our strength lies in our unique philosophy of ‘Changing Lives’. This philosophy has been developed in recognition of the role we play in the lives of our clients, employees and the wider community. We‘re more than just advisors; we aspire to create a positive change in the lives of those around us. 

Our approach reflected in the Making Western Sydney Greater initiative, where we also strive to create a positive change to the business and broader community. Our Making Western Sydney Greater research initiative is designed to identify and help resolve regional issues, and assist local businesses in accessing the resources and opportunities they need. 

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