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You may be a brilliant medical professional but if your finances are unhealthy then you need professional help. William Buck has been working with the health industry for decades offering specialised business and wealth advisory services tailored to health professionals (medical, dental, allied health).

We are preferred business and wealth advisory service providers to the Australian Medical Association and have valuable industry alliances with health industry specialists in the banking, insurance and legal sectors.

Headed up by business and wealth advisors, William Buck’s Health Services group has extensive experience working with health professionals and businesses at all levels - from salaried medical practitioners to principals of small and medium sized practices and CEOs of corporate businesses.

We offer specialised advice on taxation, salary packaging, structuring, wealth creation, asset protection and practice management. Our services tend to fall into 3 key areas:

  • Practice Establishment
  • Practice Management
  • Practitioner Advisory

Practice Establishment

You have had experience in a salaried role in someone else’s practice or in a health organisation and are ready to take the plunge to start your own practice.

William Buck understands there are many questions at this crucial stage: What costs are involved? How are you going to fund the business? Will you need staff? What about insurance? And of course, how are you going to build a patient base?

William Buck is experienced in taking health clients through a systemised process to consider all the implications of starting your own practice that will affect you professionally and personally.  Some of the services we assist our clients with include:

  • Practice acquisition advice
  • Growth strategies
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Identifying complementary practices to do business with
  • Associate arrangements
  • Structuring advice (now and into the future)
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth creation advice
  • Debt structuring advice
  • Sourcing of start up funds
  • Tax effective strategies

Practice Management

You have been running your own practice for several years and have reached a point where you’d like to move to the next stage and get more out of your business.

William Buck will act as your business mentor to ensure the success of your practice. We will help create efficiencies within your business; establish business management tools; provide new ideas for running the practice and advice on compliance issues. By taking advantage of our experience in the industry you will be more competitive and get more from your bottom line.

  • Business performance and benchmarking
  • Budgeting / forecasting
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Statutory compliance (GST/BAS/ASIC)
  • Legislative change and impact
  • Development of equitable profit sharing models
  • Employee roles and assessment
  • Business management controls and processes
  • Establishment of advisory board
  • Assessing strategic merger/acquisition opportunity
  • Exit strategies and tax effective concessions
  • Practice valuations

Practitioner Advisory

You are an experienced health professional working in a high level career in a hospital or large practice.

William Buck can help you get the most out of your financial situation by devising effective tax and wealth creation strategies that get the best return.

  • Tax
  • Wealth creation
  • Salary packaging/FBT advisory
  • Financing
  • Estate planning / succession
  • Superannuation strategies
  • Risk insurance

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