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Join us as we spend five minutes with some of Australia's most sucessful business leaders.  In each interview we find out what makes a great leader and how they overcome some of the challenges in their industry. 

Aquaint Capital

Aquaint Capital is a Singaporean based asset management and property investment firm that recently listed on the ASX with the help of William Buck.

Laucke Flour Mills

A rare combination of entrepreneurial spirit, historical sensitivity and grit has seen Mark Laucke re-invent the Laucke Flour Mills brand.


We caught up with Managing Director Paul Bitdorf to find out why he’s so passionate about affordable Housing

Capilano Honey

Roger Masters, former CEO of Capilano Honey, stopped by to share how product innovation and an evolving business model has seen its business prosper in times of economic hardship.

Gray Nicolls

We spent 5 minutes with Jason Gray, CEO of Gray Nicolls to find out what it takes to run a successful family business for over 150 years.


We caught up with Theo Pettaras, founder of Digitalpress to discuss innovation and flexibility in the face of change.







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