A go to reference for non government school boards

The Governance Institute of Australia has launched an essential guide to assist members of non-government-schools’ boards to understand and exercise high standards of governance.  Public expectations of schools and their commitments to student outcomes have never been higher.

‘Adding value to school governance: A practical toolkit for any potential or current member of a school board’, has been developed by the institute in conjunction with experienced school-board members to help current and potential governors, principals and business-development managers in the non-government-school sector to understand their obligations and make a positive impact on their schools’ governance.

The institute’s toolkit outlines governance models in a schools context, identifies the responsibilities of school-board members, explains how to optimise the important relationship between boards and principals, and provides guidance on how to conduct effective stakeholder and risk management.  It also incorporates case studies and checklists in a practical, user-friendly format.

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