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We understand that graduating and starting your career in Medicine can be exciting, daunting and maybe even stressful!  That is why we’ve created a hub of content that will help you navigate these changes and better understand your finances in this process.

Our firms have dedicated medical advisory specialists operating within all our Business Advisory Divisions. In years gone by, we have assisted many doctors as they commence their careers and have developed tailored solutions to meet your range of needs and solve common problems that you may experience.

We encourage you to be a part of our hub, send through any questions or topics you would like to know more about and we will endeavour to create content for you in response! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter made specifically for Junior Doctors!

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Introduction | Junior Doctor Hub series

Julie O’Reilly, Director of Business Advisory introduces the Junior Doctor Hub series which will cover frequently asked questions surrounding motor vehicles deductions, travel claims and more!

Episode 1 | Why do you need an accountant?

Julie O’Reilly, Director of Business Advisory discusses the elements of having an accountant to help you build your career and the importance of this.

Episode 2 | Motor Vehicle deductions

In this video Julie O’Reilly highlights how you can claim a tax deduction on your car and travels, and the methods that need to be applied.

Latest articles

Salary packaging myths unraveled

Salary packaging can be a great way for doctors to get ahead financially, but many simply don’t get around to organising it, or unsure on how to implement it.

Travel claims

Have you ever wondered whether you can claim tax deductions for your travel expenses to and from a recent conference or seminar you attended?

Uniform and laundry claims

You may be entitled to claim deductions in relation to expenses you incur as an employee purchasing, repairing, laundering or dry-cleaning work-related clothing.

Interview costs

It is common for individuals to incur expenses while looking for a new job and attending interviews, including travel and parking costs.

Treatment of light meals

We take a look at the two main factors concerning income tax and FBT implications in regard to what constitutes meal.

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Episode 1 | Jr Doctor Talk - Accounting 101

In this episode Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea discuss all the accounting basics for Junior doctors.

Episode 2 | Jr Doctor Talk - Salary packaging

Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea give insight into what all Junior doctors need to know about Salary Packaging and what the benefits are for you!

Episode 3 | Jr Doctor Talk - Buying your first property

Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea provide and discuss all the tips and tricks for Junior Doctors who are thinking of buying their first property.