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We understand that graduating and starting your career in Medicine can be exciting, daunting and maybe even stressful!  That is why we’ve created a hub of content that will help you navigate these changes and better understand your finances in this process.

Our firms have dedicated medical advisory specialists operating within all our Business Advisory Divisions. In years gone by, we have assisted many doctors as they commence their careers and have developed tailored solutions to meet your range of needs and solve common problems that you may experience.

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Latest videos

19 July 2021

The benefits of tax planning

There are several key compliance issues to deal with prior to 30 June. In this episode Celine Fulwood will discuss all the benefits of Tax Planning.

19 July 2021

Tax return tips

In this episode Julie O’Reilly will share some expert tips for the tax return period and discuss all the benefits of getting your affairs in order sooner rather than later.

19 July 2021

Tax basics

Do you have questions on how your income tax is calculated? Does all the rates and percentages get you confused this time of the year? Watch this episode to find out more on how to better understand your finances.

Recent Videos

William Buck wheel of life

30 March 2021

Renting out your property

30 March 2021

Cryptocurrency Tax

30 March 2021

How to structure the purchase of investment property

30 March 2021

Latest articles

Medical Team Meeting Around Table In Modern Hospital

Tax basics for junior doctors

Have you been confused by how the taxation system works in Australia? In this article, we are going to go through some of the tax basics including deductions.

Insights_Business_Doctor at home

Home office expenses | Junior doctors

It’s time to take an in-depth look at tax deduction opportunities you may be missing – home office running and occupancy expenses.

Recent articles

Property street aerial view

How to structure the purchase of investment property

London, UK - July 31, 2018: The buttons of the travel app Airbnb, surrounded by Amazon, ebay, News and other apps on the screen of an iPhone.

AirBnb – tax implications of renting your home


Conference, seminar and self – education expenses simplified

Serious pensive thoughtful focused young casual business accountant bookkeeper in office looking at and working with laptop and income tax return papers and documents

ATO Data Mining

The mid adult female doctor uses the digital tablet to show the x-ray to the unrecognizable senior man.

Super Guarantee Opt-Out for High-Income Earners

tax ded jr doc

Taking advantage of tax-deductible payments

shares_jr doc

Investing in shares 101

retirement_jr doc

Superannuation contribution basics

health_docto_DR HUB

Uniform and laundry claims

Business fog

What deductions can I claim against my investment property?


Travel claims

dr ub saving

Salary packaging myths unraveled

DR Interview

Interview costs

light meals_dr hub

Treatment of light meals

Listen to our latest podcast!

Jr Doctor Talk – Accounting 101

In this episode Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea discuss all the accounting basics for Junior doctors.

Jr Doctor Talk – Salary packaging

Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea give insight into what all Junior doctors need to know about Salary Packaging and what the benefits are for you!

Jr Doctor Talk – Buying your first property

Director Julie O’Reilly and Accountant Nadia Lea provide and discuss all the tips and tricks for Junior Doctors who are thinking of buying their first property.

Jr Doctor Talk – Investing in Shares 101

William Buck accountant Arpit Chhabra along with guest Arash Zamansani, Financial Planner at Hillross Financial services,  go through all the basics you need to know if you want to start investing in Shares.

Jr Doctor Talk – Tax deductions for investment properties

William Buck Manager Ben Manera, and Accountant Arpit Chhabra go through all you need to know about tax deduction for investment properties.

Jr Doctor Talk – Things to know about Superannuation

William Buck accountants Jade Pang, Derek Le along with guest Monica Rayos, Financial Planner at Hillross Financial services, discuss the importance of superannuation planning and will give all the tips and tricks to help Junior Doctors navigate the details of Super.

Jr Doctor Talk – In-depth salary packaging for junior doctors

William Buck Business Advisory director Angela Jeffrey and guest Monica Rayos, Financial Planner at Hillross Financial services, discuss in-depth everything you need to know about Salary Packaging for Junior Doctors.

Jr Doctor Talk – ATO Data Matching

The core purpose for the ATO is to identify under-reporting of income – this is done by pulling together data sets and connecting the dots to create a big picture of each taxpayer’s position.

Jr Doctor Talk – Super Guarantee Opt-out for High Income Earners

In this episode Accountant Celine Fullwood will ask a few questions to our guest Financial advisor Monica Rayos about how the superannuation guarantee opt-out for high income earners works and how you can benefit from it.

Jr Doctor Talk – Education Tax Deductible Expenses

Have you ever wondered whether the costs of conferences, seminars, and efforts at self-education are deductible? And what associated costs can you claim?

Jr Doctor Talk – How to manage your new income

You just graduated as a Junior Doctor and started earning a new and upgraded income, what is the right way to plan and manage your new money? Director Julie O’Reilly answers all questions regarding that topic, listen to the full episode to learn all about it.

Jr Doctor Talk – How to structure the purchase of investment property

When purchasing an investment property, or any investment asset for that matter, you should always consider whether you are purchasing the asset in an appropriate structure.  In this episode Manager Ben Manera and Accountant Katherine Nielsen will discuss everything you need to know about structures for investment.

Jr Doctor Talk – Cryptocurrency Tax

It’s 2021, Tesla just injected a billion dollars into bitcoin and the meme currency Dogecoin actually took off. We are way past the discussion of Crypto’s being good or bad. All we know is, they’re here to stay. So, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about their taxation. In this episode, accountants Arpit Chhabra and Jacob Ward will discuss all you need to know about tax implications for Cryptocurrencies.

Jr Doctor Talk – Renting out your property

Ever thought of venturing on AirBNB for some extra income? Supervisor Derek Le and Accountant Celine Fullwood will discuss all of the tax implications of this type of activity. Listen to the full episode to find out everything you need to know when renting out your property.

Jr Doctor Talk – Income protection in-depth

Simply put, Income Protection insurance will replace a portion of your income – usually 75% – if you cannot work due to sickness or injury. The key definition here is “if you cannot work due to sickness or injury” – unemployment is not a claim condition. In this episode, Arpit and Arash will talk about the ins and outs of Income protection.

Jr Doctor Talk – Stepped vs Levelled insurance premiums

In this episode, Ben Manera and Monica Rayos will focus on how the insurances premiums work. Many people assume that insurance becomes pricier the older you get. These people would be correct. The likelihood of illness and injuries increases with age, therefore it is riskier to the insurer. People always get confused between Stepped and Level Premiums, so let us unpack this for you.

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