Go global – flip-ups for Australian startups and scaleups

By William Buck on 21/03/2019

By Director of Tax Services Jack Qi and Manager Alex Zinzopoulos 'Go-global’ is one of the most oft-repeated mantras in the Australian tech sector – and for good reason. To realise the true potential of a startup or scaleup tech company, going global is practically expected by its stakeholders. When a company... Read More >

Five tax changes Labor should make for small business

By Greg Travers on 13/03/2019

Greg Travers, Director of Tax Services at William Buck Accountants and Advisors Small businesses make up 35 per cent by value of Australia’s economy. They employ large numbers of Australians and play a key role in the prosperity of our country. Labor’s proposed tax policies target specific areas where they... Read More >

Single Touch Payroll for small businesses

By Karly Whitehead on 28/02/2019

The ATO’s Single Touch Payroll Reporting legislation will come into effect on 1 July 2019 for businesses with less than 20 employees. Employers with more than 20 employees have been required to be STP compliant since 1 July 2018.  Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a cloud-based system intended to streamline... Read More >

Planning for retirement: part two

By Zeb Ashton on 27/02/2019

As discussed in Part one of this article, retirement planning is more important than ever. A 65-year-old who lives the average lifespan will need to generate returns over a 20-plus-year time period. There are also clear distinctions between the types of asset classes you require in your retirement. In your... Read More >

The digital health dilemma

By Gil Abras on 27/02/2019

The My Health Record controversy will create a digital divide between the ‘opt-in’s’ and ‘opt-outs’ and ultimately, the delivery of immediate and streamlined 21st century medical outcomes for patients. The introduction of My Health Record in Australia was aimed at helping patients and doctors access timely medical information – referral... Read More >

Planning for retirement: Part one

By Zeb Ashton on 27/02/2019

With life expectancies across the globe increasing and adults remaining active for longer, having a strong retirement plan is important. At the very least, most of you would like to be in a position to retire comfortably should you choose to. Planning is required whether you choose to sell up,... Read More >

Are you missing out on the R&D tax break?

By Alex Zinzopoulos on 27/02/2019

Many Australian businesses may not be aware of a Government tax incentive designed to help them develop new and innovative products or processes. The research and development (R&D) tax incentive scheme was introduced by the federal government in 2011 which provides a tax offset for businesses that undertake certain R&D... Read More >

Strategic planning for your General Practice

By Paul Copeland on 27/02/2019

Running a general medical practice is tough! Practitioner owners not only need to be across all of the clinical aspects of the business but also need to be considering innovation, corporatisation, succession planning, compliance requirements around privacy, cyber security, employee issues, marketing and increased competition. No wonder you feel tired!... Read More >

Improving the heartbeat of your business

By Angela Jeffrey on 27/02/2019

How can you create a healthy heartbeat for the teams that operate in your practice? The reality is that a healthy heartbeat is at the core of every strong team. As such, effective engagement, collaboration and teamwork will always be the key drivers for ensuring you keep the lifeblood of... Read More >

Outsourcing as opportunity

By Scott Harrington on 27/02/2019

Outsourcing has developed a bad reputation over the years. Media coverage of outsourcing practices by high profile Australian brands – such as Bonds and The Iconic – focuses heavily on jobs lost to offshore competitors and the resultant damage to the Australian economy. However, outsourcing is a rising trend. Research... Read More >

Is your business structure right for you?

By Matthew Illman on 27/02/2019

As a business grows, it’s very common for the business structure to lose its suitability. Consequently, it’s vital to review your structure to make sure it allows the business to achieve both its current and future goals. Common structuring issues Businesses often encounter a range of issues relating to their... Read More >

How much super do I need in retirement?

By Aaron Trombetta on 26/02/2019

The average Australian couple will need at least $640,000 of savings at retirement to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, a single person will require at least $545,000, according to the most recent statistics released by the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA)1. ASFA’s estimated retirement budget is based on the assumption... Read More >

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