100-day action plan: a superannuation perspective

By Amy Kitson on 22/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

In continuing our election coverage, superannuation expert Tricia Kleinig discusses the top five superannuation changes that should be in Scott Morrisons first 100-day action plan. 1. Re-introduce lapsed Superannuation Bills Since last year, many Bills have lapsed. Contributing factors include; having a minority Government, being stalled in the senate and... Read More >

The 100-day action plan

By Amy Kitson on 21/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

The top 3 things that should be in Scott Morrisons 100-day action plan With a ‘miracle’ win for leader Scott Morrison and the Coalition over the weekend, it appears by July 1, Parliament will be back in business - for business. So, what’s next? When setting a strategy, the first... Read More >

Benchmarking your practice

By Belinda Hudson on 15/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

‘Benchmarking’ is a term that has been around for many years in the business world, and it can go in and out of fashion just like your favourite pair of jeans. So, in today’s healthcare industry, is benchmarking still relevant? How does it work and how do you interpret results?... Read More >

Selling your practice to Millennials

By Belinda Hudson on 15/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

If you’re starting to consider retirement and the sale of your practice, you’re not alone. With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964), the percentage of Australians set to retire is dramatically increasing and will continue until approximately 2034. We can, therefore, assume there... Read More >

The implications of digital health and the emerging models of care

By Mark Calvetti on 14/05/19 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

The impact of digital is transforming the Australian health sector by enabling new and emerging models of care, which will change the future delivery of health for the better. However, the journey to this health utopia has been a ubiquitous challenge not only in Australia, but worldwide. The emerging models... Read More >

Putting the M into SMEs

By Sarah Wellington on behalf of Praxity on 14/05/19 - Mins to read: 5 minutes

Mid-sized businesses (MSBs) are increasingly finding themselves sandwiched between global giants and a new wave of micro to fast growing disruptors, reported Praxity in April 2018. The article - The Challenges of Being Mid-Market - described that in today’s competitive, regulated and technology-focused world - MSBs are often regarded as... Read More >

Business as usual or R&D?

By Dr Rita Choueiri on 14/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

Helping innovative entities realise their worth The client Australian designers and manufacturers of AV, education, data, electrical and sheet metal products for over 50 years. The challenge Assess the company’s business processes and projects to assess eligibility for R&D Tax Incentive. William Buck’s solutions Identification of eligible R&D projects; Streamlining... Read More >

Succession Planning for your Business

By Mark Calvetti on 13/05/19 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

At some point in the lifecycle of every business (e.g. the retirement of the owner/ founder, personal issues, market circumstances, etc.), you must consider your business’ succession. Deciding the best options for the future is both an important and sensitive issue. Often, the owner or founder has a strong emotional... Read More >

Making Financial Ratios work for your Business

By Grant Martinella on 13/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

When it comes to understanding trends or issues that are taking place within your business or industry, there’s no simpler or more valuable method than tracking financial ratios. While calculating the most commonly used ratios is relatively straightforward, to get ahead, you should challenge your CFO or finance team to... Read More >

Wealth Accumulation to Retirement

By Andrew Barlow on 13/05/19 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

When you’re young, the thought of saving for retirement may be the last thing on your mind. Few of us have a plan or understanding of where we’re heading, yet most wish to have a fulfilling lifestyle when we retire. To do this, there are key decisions and planning that... Read More >

How a Labor party victory could impact on your property investments

By Mario Giramondo on 10/05/19 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

With the Australian Federal Election date set, the 18th May looms close with a change in government looking the most likely outcome. The lead up to an election can prove to be an uncertain time for many. For property investors, the changing of the political party in power can signify... Read More >

Five times you might need to spend more than $3,000 on tax advice

By Greg Travers on 16/04/19 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

Australia’s tax system is complex, meaning the ability for a taxpayer to comply with their obligations can be a big challenge. Recognising the likelihood that most taxpayers will require professional assistance in complying with their tax obligations, Australia’s tax laws allow taxpayers the ability to claim a tax deduction for... Read More >

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