Tax timing considerations for cashflow for a new business venture

By Laura Johnstone on 25/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

One of the biggest changes in mindset when setting up a new business is that you are responsible for your own income tax. If you have previously been an employee of another business, you have never had to worry about paying your tax through the year. It was done for... Read More >

Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is imperative

By Muhammad Ayoob on 24/11/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

What is it all about? Disasters occur every so often and take us by surprise. It’s during these times that businesses should act fast to ensure critical services continue to be offered to customers. Not only is continuity of the business in the short term important, but if the scenario... Read More >

Federal Budget 2020-21 & The Digital Economy

By Eric Flammang on 24/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

Australian businesses have had to shift their mindsets and quickly adapt to changing circumstances as a result of COVID-19. The Australian government is aware of these challenges and the utmost necessity for the nation to enact a well-rounded and proactive plan to support these businesses. This especially applies to the... Read More >

Why you should consider buying another business during the COVID-era

By David Sharp on 24/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

Why would you buy another business, let alone now? While the pandemic has brought about significant changes and shifts to every industry, it’s also created a time for new and emerging opportunities. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis in June, reports showed that buyer activity continued to increase. This... Read More >

Will Hong Kong be caught in the cross-fire of Trade Wars?

By Ruby Cheung on 23/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

I recently listened to Praxity’s latest podcast episode on the effects of COVID-19 on China. It was a great recap of the webinar Praxity hosted with Stephen Weatherseed, Managing Partner from Mazars Hong Kong, Alice He, Tax Partner from ShineWing and Thierry Labarre, Founding Senior Partner for Mazars China. The... Read More >

Take advantage of grants, subsidies and support

By John Spender on 20/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

With so many grants up for grabs, you may not even realise that you’re eligible to apply. There are a number of government incentives that you could be eligible to access either at a Federal, State or local level. Australia has over 3000+ grants, funding programs, tax incentives and assistance... Read More >

NSW Budget 2020-21 | Key Highlights

By William Buck on 17/11/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

Today, the Treasurer of NSW the Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, released NSW’s much anticipated state budget for 2020-21. In a year when the NSW government provided almost $6.4 billion in tax relief, and more than $860 million in grants; the budget is firmly focused on further economic stimulus, with economic... Read More >

Telehealth and the new normal – how to take advantage of remote consultations once the Medicare billing ends

By Allana Gregson on 10/11/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Government made temporary telehealth items available through Medicare to help reduce the risk of transmission and provide a safer way for patients to receive medical assistance. This applies to patients of GPs, specialists, dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and mental health professionals, among others.... Read More >

Investing in a family trust or superannuation

By Eben Lok on 09/11/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

The decision to invest using a family trust or superannuation depends on an individual's circumstances and should consider their age, number of family members, assessable income, investment options and the need of access to funds. A family trust is a discretionary trust set up to hold a family’s assets or... Read More >

Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application

By Dr. Rita Choueiri and Berrin Daricili on 05/11/20 - Mins to read: < 1 minute

The client The company is a global market leader in battery powered end-to-end industrial sensors and IOT solutions which are delivered to more than 200 companies and partners in 50 countries. The opportunity Our client is expanding their Low Power Wide Area communication technologies, with the MMF they would have... Read More >

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund – Are you ready for the next funding round?

By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 05/11/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

What is it? The Australian government recently announced its new Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which will involve a $1.5 billion investment in Australian manufacturing, targeting six national “manufacturing” priorities for five years from FY21. The Strategy, which will include another round of the highly successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) released in... Read More >

What deductions can I claim against my investment property?

By William Buck on 04/11/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

Are you confused by the tax implications of expenses incurred on your investment property? Keep reading, as this article will help to clear the fog. The main premise for whether there is a tax deduction available is that the property must be rented or available for rent. If this requirement... Read More >

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