Federal and Victorian state support for Australian Manufacturing

By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

Over the last 8-10 months, COVID-19 has crippled global supply chains, and while Australia is finally heading towards COVID normal, the pandemic has brought to light a topic that’s been in discussion for years – Australia has become reliant on offshore supply chains and has given up its once booming... Read More >

Assess your eligibility for the JobKeeper 2.0 payment scheme

By William Buck on 13/01/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

The start of the new year brought with it the second JobKeeper extension (the first having ended on 3 January 2021). Having come into effect on 4 January 2021, now’s the time to review your eligibility for the new extension and ensure you’re registered. See below some key dates and... Read More >

Accounting New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

By Julie O'Reilly on 13/01/21 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be making New Year’s resolutions. Often personal New Year’s resolutions relate to exercise, diet, and finances. But what about your business? It’s time to take the opportunity to review your business’ financial health and look for ways you can make improvements... Read More >

Securing your family business longevity and legacy

By Andrew Bradley on 06/12/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

One of the greatest business challenges for patriarchs and matriarchs is planning the transition of their family businesses to go on without them.  Lingering doubts over whether the next generation is up to the task keep many parents awake at night.  The anxiety can stem from a reluctance to relinquish control and concerns over the aptitude... Read More >

Marketing basics – A guide for beginners

By William Buck on 03/12/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

So you started your business and now you need to let people know you exist, and that your product or service is the best. How do you do that? The answer is simple: Marketing! Marketing is such a broad word, with so much meaning and buzz, that it can make... Read More >

Deconstructing the future of the Digital Economy: The Series

By Janelle Manders on 03/12/20 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

It’s reassuring to hear the Prime Minister’s words recently that “Australian Digital Economy is crucial to jobs recovery” and that the Government is investing in 5G digital skills capability, regulatory technology (regtech), financial technology (fintech) and open banking. This article is about understanding what these innovations are. In this series... Read More >

Are we really “all in this together”? – Victorian State versus Federal Budget agendas

By Shane Crockett on 29/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

Shortly after the October Federal Budget was handed down, I wrote an article in which I asked a simple question: “How much will the States and Territories be willing to forgo in the significant amounts of revenue currently generated by payroll taxes so as to facilitate a Federal Government jobs-led... Read More >

The Victorian Budget – What it means for startup and tech companies

By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 27/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

As the Victorian state endeavours to get people back to work to combat the government’s COVID-19 induced recession, it has specifically directed tremendous support to boost and foster Victoria’s innovation, R&D and commercialisation ecosystem like it has never before. The Andrew’s governments bold budget is set to place Victoria on... Read More >

How to invest during COVID-19

By Eben Lok on 26/11/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

During these uncertain times, it’s normal to feel nervous about your investments. However, it’s crucial during a downturn that you consider your long-term goals and make well-informed decisions. When considering how to invest during COVID-19, we suggest you follow the steps outlined below: Avoid the noise We have experienced many... Read More >

Tax timing considerations for cashflow for a new business venture

By Laura Johnstone on 25/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

One of the biggest changes in mindset when setting up a new business is that you are responsible for your own income tax. If you have previously been an employee of another business, you have never had to worry about paying your tax through the year. It was done for... Read More >

Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is imperative

By Muhammad Ayoob on 24/11/20 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

What is it all about? Disasters occur every so often and take us by surprise. It’s during these times that businesses should act fast to ensure critical services continue to be offered to customers. Not only is continuity of the business in the short term important, but if the scenario... Read More >

Federal Budget 2020-21 & The Digital Economy

By Eric Flammang on 24/11/20 - Mins to read: 4 minutes

Australian businesses have had to shift their mindsets and quickly adapt to changing circumstances as a result of COVID-19. The Australian government is aware of these challenges and the utmost necessity for the nation to enact a well-rounded and proactive plan to support these businesses. This especially applies to the... Read More >

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