ACNC slams RSL National

ACNC slams RSL National​

he ACNC has issued a direction to RSL National after its investigation uncovered several governance failures.

The direction requires RSL National to take specific actions to address non-compliance with the ACNC’s governance standards, including a review of the charity’s board and governance practices.

The scope of the investigation included a review of gifts made by RSL National to the outgoing RSL national president in June 2016.  The president was given a vehicle worth about $27,434 and a set of books worth $3600.

The commissioner considered that the gifts were inconsistent with RSL National’s not-for-profit character and therefore a breach of governance standard 1.
In the commissioner’s view, RSL National did not take reasonable steps to ensure that its responsible persons exercised the duty under governance standard 5.  The charity also failed to ensure that its responsible persons had an adequate and consistent understanding of their responsibilities and expectations.

RSL National had failed to take reasonable steps – such as implementing tailored financial management policies, procedures and financial delegations – to ensure that expenditure was properly considered, authorised and documented in line with its constitution and not-for-profit character.