Director – Business Recovery


AT THE BEGINNING OF MY CAREER, I HAD NO IDEA HOW PASSIONATE I WOULD BECOME ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES TURN THEIR FUTURES AROUND. Working in Business Recovery, it’s a little different to mainstream accounting, but it has given me the opportunity to change lives.

I’m a big believer in taking on tasks that encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone, this has been crucial not only to my professional growth, but also my personal growth. Outside of work I’m a marathon runner, a triathlete and Iron Man. Aside from the value of a good pair of running shoes, one thing this has taught me is that determination and creating the right structure for success leads to great results. These are values that I’ve seen time and again throughout my career at William Buck.

Starting as a Manager in 2009, I’ve worked my way up to Principal and am now on the path to Directorship. Along the way, anytime I’ve needed advice, time or support my mentors have always been there. This allows me to focus on the things that are important to me, including my career, my role as board member for a regional RSL Club and my athletic pursuits.

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