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changing lives

“Since arriving in Australia from Ireland, I have been given a number of opportunities to participate in some great initiatives; including Movember, City to Surf and the Gong Cycle. However, there is one charity that resonates with me on a personal note. My housemate and one of my closest friends was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in 2013. After the initial tests, the next logical step was to perform a biopsy to further examine the tumour. As a British citizen, Medicare was unable to cover the biopsy as it was deemed it a non-emergency. The only option was to fly back to England, where she would receive full healthcare benefits. This was a devastating , as without performing the biopsy, it was unclear whether flying would be detrimental to her health.

This was when Dr. Brindha Shivalingam, co-founding member of Brainstorm at RPA stepped in to help my friend. Dr. Brindha upgraded the biopsy to an emergency, organised Medicare funding, and performed a number of operations to remove a large portion of the tumour.

My friend still has a long road ahead of her, but with Dr. Brindha’s intervention, she is now back at home in London with her family. Most importantly, her tumour is in remission.

Although I have helped my friend through Brainstorm events, the biggest gesture I have made was to introduce Brainstorm to William Buck. William Buck has followed the cause closely and donated to Brainstorm regularly, through fundraising at mufti days to purchasing coffee pods for the coffee machine. Every action is appreciated.”