Dr Insights – Secrets to a successful medical practice

By Trent Antonio on 25/09/20 - Mins to read: 5 minutes

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for everyone, particularly business owners, including those who are trying to run a medical practice. This period has put the ‘acid test’ on a lot of systems and procedures that have otherwise been left unchecked, with many found wanting. Here at William Buck, we’ve...
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When it comes time to think about selling your practice

By Paul Copeland on 25/09/20 - Mins to read: 5 minutes

It can be hard to know when to sell your practice. There may never actually be a “right” time. As such, holding on for that optimal point may just be holding you back from the next phase of your life. When you are thinking about stepping back from ownership, remember...
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Medicare audits and the implications for Doctors

By Belinda Hudson on 25/09/20 - Mins to read: 5 minutes

Over the last three years, there’s been a large increase in the number of medical practitioners subjected to a peer review by the Professional Services Review Agency. With the increase in data matching and the use of algorithms to monitor and review inconsistencies, it’s likely that these numbers will continue...
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Why every startup needs to get the accounting basics right

By Karly Whitehead on 25/09/20 - Mins to read: 5 minutes

The success of every business is based on the bottom line and startups are no exception. Your startup, your idea, will be judged on how well you can translate it into financials. A good accounting foundation allows you to examine your finances and identify risks and opportunities for growth. If...
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