Federal and Victorian state support for Australian Manufacturing

By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

Over the last 8-10 months, COVID-19 has crippled global supply chains, and while Australia is finally heading towards COVID normal, the pandemic has brought to light a topic that’s been in discussion for years – Australia has become reliant on offshore supply chains and has given up its once booming...
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Assess your eligibility for the JobKeeper 2.0 payment scheme

By William Buck on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

The start of the new year brought with it the second JobKeeper extension (the first having ended on 3 January 2021). Having come into effect on 4 January 2021, now’s the time to review your eligibility for the new extension and ensure you’re registered. See below some key dates and...
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Accounting New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

By Julie O'Reilly on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be making New Year’s resolutions. Often personal New Year’s resolutions relate to exercise, diet, and finances. But what about your business? It’s time to take the opportunity to review your business’ financial health and look for ways you can make improvements...
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Securing your family business longevity and legacy

By Andrew Bradley on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

One of the greatest business challenges for patriarchs and matriarchs is planning the transition of their family businesses to go on without them.  Lingering doubts over whether the next generation is up to the task keep many parents awake at night.  The anxiety can stem from a reluctance to relinquish control and concerns over the aptitude...
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Marketing basics – A guide for beginners

By William Buck on 14/01/21 - Mins to read: 6 minutes

So you started your business and now you need to let people know you exist, and that your product or service is the best. How do you do that? The answer is simple: Marketing! Marketing is such a broad word, with so much meaning and buzz, that it can make...
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