Scenario Planning – the COVID-19 Wake Up Call

By Adam Gandel on 03/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

Many business owners are struggling with the effects the ‘invisible enemy’ is having on their enterprise. Those that had planned for declining economic activity, maybe not as damaging as that being inflicted by COVID-19, were well prepared to make informed decisions to keep their businesses alive. This preparation will also...
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Is it time for a financial swab test?

By Trent Antonio on 03/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

For many doctors, the thought of a health check of their practice and personal wealth can feel just like a nasal swab – uncomfortable, invasive and leaves you feeling a little bit queasy. However, just like a nasal swab, there can be significant benefits from the diagnosis. This couldn’t be...
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Tips to advance your financial position during COVID-19

By Jennifer Rees on 03/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

In this time of uncertainty, many practitioners will be wondering how they can manage their finances to ensure they are in the best position to see themselves through this period. We have prepared a simple summary below of the key things to consider. Staying on top of your cashflow Personal...
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Rebuilding your Practice Post COVID-19

By Belinda Hudson on 03/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that 49% of all Australian businesses have experienced an adverse impact as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions to combat the spread of the disease. Further to this, 86% of businesses expect to be impacted in the...
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What does the Rental Code mean for doctors

By Scott Lindeblad on 03/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

The Code On 7 April 2020, the Federal Government announced a mandatory National Code of Conduct on commercial tenancies (the Code) to be implemented by all states and territories. The Code sets out guidelines on good faith leasing principles which apply to commercial tenancies, including retail, office and industrial....
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