Melbourne fintech startup assists Australians to seek help with their bills

By William Buck on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

A first of its kind fintech startup developed by key players in the Melbourne tech scene, will assist Australians to seek help with their bills. Lead by Andrew Ellett and Adam Barty of full-service Melbourne digital agency Revium, HelpPay has opened its seed capital raise to sophisticated and wholesale investors...
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Know your cashflow

By Lauren Morcom on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

I have been a financial consultant to businesses for many years and it always surprises me how many businesses do not forecast their cashflows.  Cashflow is one of those things that doesn’t seem to fall into the urgent category and is therefore often neglected. Forecasting can be difficult given things...
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The journey of a tech company to IPO – June 2020

By Mark Calvetti on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

Is an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) right for you? Assessing if an IPO is right for your tech company requires you to look into the future. You need to know where your business is heading (your vision) and the steps that will help get you there. In essence, it’s...
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Scenario Planning – the COVID-19 Wake Up Call

By Adam Gandel on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

Many business owners are struggling with the effects the ‘invisible enemy’ is having on their enterprise. Those that had planned for declining economic activity, maybe not as damaging as that being inflicted by COVID-19, were well prepared to make informed decisions to keep their businesses alive. This preparation will also...
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What can startups expect with venture capital (VC) funding?

By Misha Ahuja on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

Should we look to China for hints as to what will happen with global VC? For our startup community to survive, we need to observe ground zero and monitor the shockwaves hitting regions ahead of us. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Chinese VC deals have taken a plunge and we’re...
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Venture Capital in the wake of COVID-19

By Misha Ahuja on 05/02/21 - Mins to read: 3 minutes

As Australia begins to re-open in the wake of COVID-19, there’s much speculation about the economic impact of the pandemic. With $33 billion of assets under management[i], venture capital (VC) and private equity are key contributors to our national economy but what does a post-pandemic world look like through the...
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