Accessing the second Cashflow Boost

By Belinda Hudson on 24/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

It feels like only yesterday we were discussing the initial stimulus package from the Federal Government and the first Cashflow Boost of up to $50,000. In no time at all, we are close to lodging June 2020 BAS which will include the finalisation of the first Cashflow Boost and the...
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Reskill & upskill – is your workforce ready for post COVID-19?

By Blake Scheffers on 24/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

The issue of ‘skills gap’ is not a new one for many industries. In light of the current crisis we now have more employers struggling to find the right skills and training for their workforce. If you’ve relied on labour mobility from other countries, it’s likely you’ll need to find...
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What can startups expect with venture capital (VC) funding?

By Misha Ahuja on 24/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

Should we look to China for hints as to what will happen with global VC? For our startup community to survive, we need to observe ground zero and monitor the shockwaves hitting regions ahead of us. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Chinese VC deals have taken a plunge and we’re...
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The six-month safety net for directors – is it a free pass?

By Sean Wengel on 24/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

As part of the Government’s response to COVID-19, company directors now have a six-month relief from any personal liability for trading while insolvent. These changes are designed to assist financially stressed businesses. In the current COVID-19 crisis, directors need to make swift decisions about incurring debt. Under the temporary safe...
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COVID-19 economic response measures and how they will assist SGEs

By William Buck on 24/06/20 - Mins to read: 2 minutes

If you are operating a significant global entity (SGE) which is being impacted negatively by the implications of COVID-19, you may be eligible to receive State or Federal Government assistance. Below is a comprehensive list of Government response measures with commentary on whether they are available to SGEs and if...
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