Charities lose status and tax concessions

The ACNC, has revoked the charity status of the African Australian Network Limited, Global Helping Hands Foundation – Australia, and the Immigrant Womens’ Health Information Service Inc following investigations into their activities and operations.

Based in Victoria, the African Australian Network Limited has been operating since September 2013.  The decision to revoke its charity status, which was announced on 17 July, was backdated to 19 May.

Global Helping Hands Foundation – Australia has been operating since November 2007 and is based in Victoria.  The decision to revoke its status, which was announced on 17 July, was backdated to 5 May.

The Immigrant Womens’ Health Information Service Inc has been operating since July 2000 and is based in New South Wales.  The decision to revoke status announced on 19 July, was backdated to 20 June.

The ACNC is prevented from disclosing further details due to secrecy provisions in the ACNC Act. However, the commission publishes revocations on the register.

The charities were endorsed by the ATO to receive tax concessions.

The charity status of Survivor Foundation Incorporated has been revoked – backdated to 17 July – following an investigation into the organisation’s operations and activities. The organisation, based in Perth, accessed tax concessions.

Following referral by the ACNC to the ATO, all four organisations will lose access to Commonwealth charity tax concessions, including access to tax-deductible gifts.

Ms Pascoe said that the ACNC was committed to protecting public trust and confidence in Australia’s charity sector.

‘We are continuously working with the public, the sector and other government agencies to identify and investigate charities that breach the ACNC Act,’ she said.

‘When investigating compliance issues, the ACNC has a range of regulatory powers at its disposal, including guidance and support, warnings, directions and enforceable undertakings.

‘Where we find serious circumstances of mismanagement, or deliberate breaches of the ACNC Act […] we will revoke charity status.’

For more information about the ACNC’s compliance activity, including the full list of charities that have had their registrations revoked following compliance investigations, visit

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