Double defaulters risk losing status

Almost 200 charities are at risk of losing their ACNC registration for twice failing to submit their annual information statements.

The charities failed to submit statements for 2014 or 2015 and are overdue this year.

Many are small religious organisations and parents’ and citizens’ associations.  They risk losing access to generous Commonwealth tax concessions.

‘Each year registered charities are required to submit [statement],’ commissioner Pascoe said.  ‘This is one of the ongoing obligations charities must meet to maintain their registration […], which is a prerequisite to obtaining […] tax concessions.  Failing to submit two [statements] is grounds for revocation of charity status.

‘Not only is it a legislative requirement to submit an [annual statement], it is also a way for registered charities to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability.’

The ACNC has published a list of charities at risk of losing registrations at

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