New corporate partnerships factsheet available

A new ACNC factsheet – Charities and Corporate Partnerships – provides advice on how charities can work with businesses and corporates to develop a relationship that helps the charity achieve its goals and benefit the wider community.

Charities often contact the ACNC about wanting to foster partnerships with business.  Some do this extremely well and have long-standing and highly successful arrangements.

But the commission warned in a statement: ‘We do see examples […] where charities have entered into arrangements where they are receiving very little benefit in return for “giving away” their brand.  Many other organisations are not sure where to start.’

The factsheet looks at:

  • Why charities should be interested in corporate partnerships
  • The types of partnerships available, and why charities should consider a wide variety of partnership options
  • Researching local businesses and corporates when thinking about a partnership
  • The work charities need to do before entering a partnership and how they should approach a prospective corporate partner, and
  • Risk management, due diligence and the steps involved in maintaining a healthy partnership.

The factsheet is available on the ACNC website at 

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