Xero for beginners | 2020
Event Date: 05/03/2020
Venue: On-demand webinar

Xero is a wonderful tool for healthcare practices. It reduces time spent on finance, enabling the practice to focus resources on improving clinical practice and positive healthcare outcomes. Like any software programme, it takes some learning to make the most use of it. Watch now Read More >

The elements of excellent patient service
Event Date: 19/03/2020
Venue: Online

Which elements of patient service influence compliance and positive clinical outcomes? Does your practice consistently provide these elements? For that matter, what exactly is excellent patient service, and how can we know whether our patients believe we provide it? All webinars are pre-recorded and can be viewed from your computer or smartphone at anytime. To [...] Read More >

Getting your board working efficiently | Panel discussion
Event Date: 25/03/2020
Venue: L4, 21 Queen Street
Auckland 1010

Being backed by an effective, efficient board is crucial to the success of a not-for-profit. But building and running such a board is not straightforward. Join our panel to learn real-world best practice. Register here Read More >

Meaningful financial accounts
Event Date: 02/04/2020
Venue: Online

The jargon associated with finance confuses most non-finance professionals. Yet for any business owner or manager, understanding the numbers is an important element of effectively managing the business. A smoothly running practice enables greater concentration on clinical practice. To find out more information or to book, email Sharon.Burkett@williambuck.co.nz Read More >

How to stay positive under pressure
Event Date: 08/04/2020
Venue: On-demand webinar

Running any business can be stressful. Large workloads and tight budgets take a toll. This thirty-minute webinar explains the ’14 ‘secrets’ of the slow release dopamine diet’ described in Kieran T. Bird’s new book ‘Unshakeable Self-Confidence’. The fourteen techniques to maintain a positive, happy mental state are based on the latest research, and include some [...] Read More >