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Confidential Client – Bankruptcy Trustee

Appointed Bankruptcy Trustee of a deceased person pursuant to Part XI of the Bankruptcy Act. From initial investigations a significant voidable transaction was identified involving the transfer of a number of vintage aircraft. In conjunction with the liquidator of the deceased’s company, a successful recovery of funds for the aircraft was achieved. In the same bankruptcy, subsequent investigations uncovered another voidable transaction involving the transferring of monies into superannuation funds. We were successful in obtaining freezing orders against the superannuation funds and the third-party beneficiary of the superannuation funds. Significant monies were recovered which will result in a return to creditors.

Mohamad and Amal Mehajer – Bankruptcy Trustee

Appointed Bankruptcy Trustee of Mohamad and Amal Mehajer, the parents of Salim Mehajer, the former deputy mayor of the former Auburn City Council. Mohamad and Amal Mehajer were pursued by the Australian Taxation Office for combined tax debts of $10 million. We undertook extensive investigations with the assistance of Australian Government authorities to enable the further pursuit of suspect transactions to a number of overseas recipients.
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