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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is the global language which enables businesses to communicate their financial performance to audiences all around the world. This presents great opportunities for businesses to access international capital markets. This also means challenges for those preparing IFRS reports, not only because of the complexity of IFRS, but also as new standards and updates are being introduced in order to keep up with this increasing internationalised economic environment. IFRS 15 revenue recognition and IFRS 16 leases are two major new standards that came which into effect in 2018.

William Buck New Zealand is equipped to handle this complex and specialised area of accounting. We offer an integrated IFRS outsource model for those preparing the reports to compile IFRS compliant financial statements efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why should you use us?

  • Specialist IFRS implementation staff – we can provide staff who has the skills and knowledge when you require it. This will save in having to interview, recruit and appoint someone with such skills, which may only be utilised for a short time each year when IFRS reports are required.
  • Next generation technology – we have moved on from the excel or word compilations and now use the latest specialist software to compile the financial statements. The in-built checklist of the latest standards and developments means quality control processes are in place.
  • Solutions and systems focused – we don’t just look at the numbers and the rules. We look at your processes and systems to enable efficient reporting practices going forward.

How can we help?

William Buck offers an integrated IFRS outsource model for clients requiring IFRS implementation. The following diagram illustrates what we offer and how we deliver the solution your business requires. We offer the core compilation work as well as calculation or review of qualitative and quantitative disclosures required in IFRS reports.

The William Buck IFRS Outsourcing Solution

Initial consultation

Let us focus on the challenges so your business can focus on the opportunities! We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can assist as your IFRS experts. Contact Asish Chand, Director at or 09 366 5000.

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