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Question. Should you hire a Finance Manager, or use ours?

Answer 1: Money.

Recruitment companies Hudson and Hays both run annual salary surveys. Depending on company size and industry, Hudson state the salary range for a Finance Manager to be $105-$130K. Hays give a range of $110-160K. More, depending on the level of expertise you require.

We can cut that cost considerably when you use our Virtual Finance Manager service. Available as you need help, when you need help. No down time.

Answer 2: Expertise.

Access to the complete skillset you need, as required. Accounting and finance is complex, and no Finance Manager can be expected to know everything. But we can. We’re a full service Chartered Accounting firm, with nine directors and sixty-five professional staff. We have access to more knowledge, skill and experience than your firm will ever require. Of course, we can expertly and efficiently handle your forecasting, budgeting, GST returns, end of year accounting, Xero coding and financial reports. But should you need it, we can help with business analysis, strategic planning, cloud optimization and more.

Answer 3: Simplicity.

Every new employer needs inducting, training and managing. Some, far more than others. Protect yourself from the possibility of hiring a high maintenance employee by using ours.


Our pricing is straightforward and highly competitive

To give you the exact fee you will pay for the specific service you need, we’ll need to know a little about your business. But this does NOT mean you will have to deal with a pushy salesperson. Contact Asish Chand for a free initial chat.

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