Business Investment Seminar on 16th November 2016

Business Investment Seminar on 22nd February 2017

Unshakeable Self Confidence by Kieran Bird

Negotiation by Kieran Bird

Non Resident Property Tax by Ronel Naude

WBCG TV Business Investment Seminar on 31st August 2016

How to Stay Positive by Kieran Bird

WBCG TV UpSelling Skill by Serena Irving

WBCG Business Investment Seminar 24th February 2016

Marketing Letter by Kieran Bird

WBCG Business Investment Seminar 18th May 2016

WBCG Business Investment Seminar 18th Nov 2015

Dr Paul Wood draws universal insights for improving personal resilience based on his extraordinary life story of crime, addiction and redemption.

Job Hunting Skills for the New Zealand Market by Kieran Bird

Meet Some Of Our Graduates

William Buck Christmas Gouwland CFO Symposium 2015

September 2015 William Buck Christmas Gouwland were the naming rights sponsor for the Auckland CFO Symposium. Here Kim Daji sets out to prove finance people think about more than just money, by presenting recent research into how finance teams achieve the most through a focus on their people. Kim then goes on to tell the WBCG story of soaring staff engagement levels from 2012-2015.

Health & Safety Fundamentals by Kim Daji