Organisations lose charity status

The ACNC has announced the revocation of the following organisations after investigations into their activities and operations.

They are:

  • City of Wollongong Aerial Patrol Inc – the decision to revoke status was backdated to 1 July 2013
  • Australian Multicultural Christian Society Incorporated – the decision to revoke charity status was backdated to 21 June
  • GLCS Group Incorporated – the decision to revoke charity status was backdated to 1 July 2013.

The ACNC has recently revoked the statuses of the Australian Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Childs Vision Pty Ltd, Cm & Ja Whitehouse Foundation, Guardian Youth Care Limited and Guardian Disability Services Limited following investigations.

As a result, they lost the GST concession, income-tax exemption, and FBT rebate, and those holding DGR status lost it as well.

The ACNC is prevented from disclosing further details due to secrecy provisions in its Act.  However, the ACNC publishes on the charity register instances where it uses its formal powers, including revocation.

For more information about the ACNC’s compliance activity, including the full list of charities that have had their registrations revoked following compliance investigations, visit

Acting commissioner Locke said that the ACNC takes a proportionate approach to compliance.

‘In instances where our investigations find minor breaches of the ACNC Act or Governance Standards […], we work with the charity to resolve [them through] education, guidance and support,’ Mr Locke said.

‘However, when we find serious breaches […] or mismanagement we will take firm action, including revocation […]

‘Revoking a charity’s status is reserved for the most serious of cases and results in the loss of generous Commonwealth charity tax concessions. Revoked charities are also no longer able to display the ACNC’s [tick].’

Commissioner Locke encouraged members of the public to raise concerns about charities with the ACNC.

‘We receive over 100 concerns about charities each month,’ Mr Locke said.

‘Many of [them] are raised by members of the public and provide the [commission] with vital information to help us with our enquires.

Mr Locke encouraged people to raise concerns by calling 13 ACNC or by visiting

The ACNC has also revoked the registration of 86 charities for twice failing to submit their annual information statements.  These organisations will lose access to tax concessions.

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