Our New Brand Promise Changing Lives

Clients and friends of the firm often tell us that William Buck is different, that we’re more than just advisors, we have a real impact on their lives.

Last year our National Board made the decision to articulate this difference.  They wanted to communicate not just what William Buck does but why we do it, and the difference we make to those around us.

We’re delighted to launch our new brand promise, Changing Lives.

We’ve developed our new promise in recognition of our responsibility to our clients, our employees and the wider community. Everything that we do has the potential to impact on those around us.  However, it’s not just the transformational changes that make a difference; sometimes the small actions over time have the biggest impact.

Support from employees, clients and the community

Prior to launching our brand promise, the firm undertook significant market research to determine its authenticity.

Starting with internal market research, we wanted to understand how our employees would embrace the promise and whether they felt that we do deliver life changing results.  By looking at real client case studies objectively, our employees soon realised that there were lots of examples of how we had supported, mentored and assisted people in their lives.

It became very clear that acting as change agents is what we’ve always done and always will do

Often we help at the most pivotal points in our client’s lives – starting and growing businesses, managing succession from one generation to the next, preparing for retirement and even assisting with estate management after their death.

These authentic experiences have led to a high level of internal pride and support for changing the way we communicate.

We were delighted to find that this pride was mirrored in our external market research undertaken with existing and potential clients.

Many of our existing clients were able to cite examples of how their lives and had been changed by William Buck.  Those that didn’t know William Buck became motivated to learn more about us and liked the fact that we were being different, caring, genuine and bold.

A culture of change

As a phrase, Changing Lives is more than just a branding slogan, it’s present in everything we do.

It motivates our clients and partners to realise their dreams.   It drives innovation and creativity, as we seek new ways to create positive change.   It promotes a culture of accountability leading to accurate and efficient solutions.   It also inspires our employees to work as a team and give their best..

Changing Lives is not a shift in culture or philosophy but rather an articulation of what we’ve been doing for 120 years and promise to continue doing.

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