Red tape reduction for selected ancillary funds

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the ACNC are working together to reduce the administrative burden on charities, recently announcing that ancillary funds registered as charities now need to report only once.

‘Ancillary funds were previously required to report their annual return to both the ATO and the ACNC,’ said ACNC commissioner Susan Pascoe.

‘By collaborating with the ATO, we’re ensuring that ancillary funds only need to report once using the ACNC’s online annual information statement.  We will then share the information … with the ATO.’

Commissioner Pascoe said that by working together, the ATO and ACNC will save about 3000 charities from duplicating their reporting.

‘Additionally, I am granting an extension of time for ancillary funds to complete their 2016 (statements) to align with the fund-return deadline of 28 February 2017.’

About 300 ancillary funds are not registered as charities and they must continue to report to the ATO using the form available on

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