In times of financial uncertainty or distress, stakeholders including directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, senior management teams, lenders, shareholders, creditors and advisors often need expert assistance and advice. Similarly, individuals facing financial uncertainty or distress also need expert assistance and advice.

We are regularly approached by various stakeholders, including directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, senior management teams, lenders, shareholders, creditors, the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and companies’ advisors, as well as individuals facing financial distress, to provide expert assistance and advice. Whilst insolvency or bankruptcy may be inevitable in some situations, our expertise in business reconstruction allows us to assist many businesses to trade-out of hardship.

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When is a trustee’s work done? A registered trustee’s perspective

Posted By chloe on 20/12/2019 04:23:29 am

This article was originally published in the Australian Financial Security Authority PIR Newsletter on 4 December, 2019 (Volume 17, Issue 4). Registered trustee Sean Wengel…

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With great 'creditor' power comes great 'external administrator' responsibility

Posted By chloe on 25/11/2019 05:47:36 am

Over two years ago, on 1 September 2017, new powers were granted to creditors in external administrations. William Buck welcomed the increased transparency to external…

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The 7 red flags of illegal phoenixing

Posted By chloe on 16/08/2019 12:07:08 am

Illegal phoenix activity involves the process of deliberately liquidating a company to defeat creditors. A company’s assets are stripped and then transferred with minimal consideration,…

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Unfair preference payments- protect yourself from the void

Posted By chloe on 03/06/2019 05:50:33 am

What are unfair preference claims? A preference is defined as where a creditor receives payment and the payer is insolvent at the time, and the…

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