Directors have the option to trade their company out of financial difficulty without the fear of being personally liable for insolvent trading, if they meet the requirements of the insolvent trading safe harbour provisions in the Corporations Act. Importantly, the safe harbour provisions are only accessible if the company engages suitably qualified Restructuring Advisors such as those from William Buck’s Business Recovery Services team.

Utilising the extensive expertise and resources of William Buck’s full service advisory firm, we provide exceptional safe harbour and turnaround advice to all size companies from all industries. Working with a team of our experts, hand-picked for each safe harbour engagement, our clients receive tailored advice and assistance on their specific issues to achieve the best possible outcome in their current financial circumstance. Seeing a business through troubled waters can be a simple engagement or it can require more complex assistance to execute an effective turnaround solution – our advisors will help you determine what level of support you need to succeed.

Avoiding insolvency is paramount to a business’s success but sometimes circumstances prevail in which there is uncertainty as to whether a company continues to be solvent. The risk for directors during this time is significant and without proper guidance the outcomes can be disastrous. We have a proven record in advising businesses under the safe harbour provisions and have helped many companies avoid insolvency and put the available protections in place to limit directors personal risk during that time.

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