Commercial and other disputes and litigation are seldom simple and often involve highly complex issues.

The services provided by our team of experienced forensic accountants include:

  • Preparing business and share valuations
  • Quantifying loss of earnings in contract disputes, personal injury cases and insurance claims
  • Investigation, documentation  and quantification of loss in fraud cases
  • Unravelling and explaining complex financial transactions
  • Identifying and valuing assets in family law matters
  • Giving expert evidence in litigation and mediation proceedings

How William Buck can help

William Buck’s Corporate Advisory division has an established specialist team to assist clients in the following aspects of forensic accounting assignments.

Valuation disputes

William Buck provides expert evidence on the value of businesses and shares where required as part of the litigation settlement process for the parties.

Valuations are not a precise science but require a carefully consider judgement based on a clear and comprehensive understanding of the business concerned. As with our forensic services, our valuation team is able to draw on other specialist skills and in-depth specific industry knowledge within William Buck.  We understand the importance of objectivity and independence in preparing valuations.

Quantification of


Whether arising from alleged breaches of contract  personal injury cases or insurance claims, William Buck provides expert evidence on the quantification of losses sustained.

Our quantification reports include the calculation of losses under alternative scenarios and contain sufficient detail to provide stand-alone documentation of our analysis and the reasons for our conclusions and opinions.

Family law disputes

Our forensic accounting team is able to assist in many aspects of family law disputes, including:

  • Determining the value of  business interests and other assets (including intangible assets)
  • Investigation and explaining the impact of financial transactions and their impact on the financial position of various parties
  • Understanding and identifying assets forming part of the asset “pool” including superannuation assets
  • Reviewing the Integrity of disclosed financial information, aset valuations and loss quantifications
  • Providing advice on the taxation implications of various settlement  outcomes

Fraud investigations
William Buck is able to provide assistance with both the mitigation and quantification of losses in fraud cases, including:

  • Identifying fraud and corruption risk assessments
  • Design of prevention strategies, internal controls and procedures
  • Policy development, implementation and monitoring
  • Investigation and documentation of fraud occurrences
  • Quantification of fraud losses
  • Loss mitigation advice
  • Fraud remediation and recovery

Expert evidence
Our forensic team is experienced in presenting expert evidence before court, tribunal and mediation/settlement proceedings.  Our specialist teams understand the settlement process be it negotiated, mediated or Court determined.  We bring a broad base of business experience and a diverse skill set to examine the financial affairs of the parties and establish “the facts”.

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