Whether the aim is to grow organically or through acquisition, there comes a point in the lifecycle of most businesses where additional funding is required.

Confusion can arise around the choice between raising capital through debt or equity; each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The most appropriate source of capital will be determined by your business and personal objectives, the financial and commercial position of your business and current market conditions. We work closely with our clients to evaluate the best capital raising strategy for their unique circumstances.

If a public equity capital raising is the best option for you, the corporate advisory team at William Buck can provide assistance at every step of the process from pre-IPO planning, to preparing a prospectus and appointing board members.

The transition from a private or unlisted public company to a listed public company will give rise to many new reporting and compliance obligations under the Corporations Act and the ASX listing rules. We adopt a collaborative approach to working with both your staff and your external accountants, lawyers and other consultants to advise you on these obligations and assist you in ensuring a smooth transition.

Alternatively, if private equity capital raising is the best option for you, the corporate advisory team at William Buck can assist you in negotiating with potential investors and determining the most appropriate structure for your private equity arrangement. Key factors to consider include the company’s capital requirements, whether the current owners wish to continue their involvement with the business and whether they wish to retain a shareholding.

How William Buck can help

Our complete public equity capital raising support services cover all aspects of the capital raising process and can involve us either managing the process as the lead advisor or acting as the independent accountant to the capital raising.  Our typical services  can include:

  • Determining your capital raising requirements
  • Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of listing
  • Pre-IPO planning and business preparation
  • Assessing whether your company meets the minimum admission criteria set by the ASX (or overseas regulatory body) in terms of structure, size and number of shareholders
  • Negotiating with stockbrokers
  • Board selection
  • Preparation of a prospectus
  • Co-ordinate, or participate in the due diligence process
  • Preparing the Independent Accountants’ Report in respect of historical, pro forma and/or forecast financial information
  • Assisting the Board of Directors in the discharge of its functions post-listing

We also assist publicly listed companies to raise further capital through the issue of additional securities. Our team has extensive experience in this area including a working knowledge of the limited disclosure requirements and short form prospectus requirements that often apply to publicly listed companies.

Our complete private equity raising support services include:

  • Determining your capital raising requirements
  • Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative capital raising strategies
  • Planning pre-capital raising business restructuring
  • Preparing the business information memorandum
  • Identifying and negotiating with potential investors
  • Assisting with the management of due diligence enquiries
  • Advising on management buyouts and buy-ins

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