What is William Buck Family Office?

William Buck Family Office Advisory is a bespoke service designed to meet the specific needs of clients with assets above $10 million.

As a premium service, William Buck Family Office is ideal for successful business owners, well established investors and members of multi-generational families or not-for-profit organisations.

Through our professional and tailored approach, we provide expert guidance on managing vast, complex and varied wealth portfolios, and offer sophisticated financial and investment solutions for clients who require a highly bespoke and specialised level of service.

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Benefits and solutions

By understanding the whole picture, including your short and long-term objectives, we create tailored solutions to help you reach your goals.

1. Family Governance

Confidence about multi-generational stewardship, clear purpose, unity, development and preparedness of current and future generations.

Our Family Office team advises clients seeking a more sophisticated, tailored and objective approach for managing and administering their family wealth and that of future generations. Our experience has shown that full family involvement in the estate planning discussion and coaching process produces the greatest benefits. We provide solutions for our clients, ensuring a successful transition of wealth to the next generation. To do this we educate our clients children on how to be responsible owners of family wealth and assets, identify shared values and define a clear purpose for the family wealth.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution because every family is unique with their own dynamics, our governance process is based on three shared yet distinct stages: Awareness, Assessment and Action.

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2. Family Office Investment Service

Investment strategy and policy for all family needs, access a broader range of unique opportunities and long-term security.

William Buck’s Family Office Investment service is based on the knowledge that families and individuals of significant wealth require a more personalised solution, tailored for all stakeholders within their group. These individuals also require access to a broad range of opportunities that complement their history, legacy, existing assets and team of advisors. Our solutions are unique and built on strict diligence criteria and astute advice and implementation. Not readily available through traditional wealth management platforms, our Family Office approach encapsulates bespoke investment solutions, financial strategy, policy and governance services.

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3. NFP Investment Strategies 

Advice for Trustees on the structures and policies that should be in place to ensure the prudent management of investments with a focus on asset allocation.

Our NFP Investment Strategy Service provides tailored advice to support managing the complex processes of investing funds on behalf of a Trust. This includes the implementation and/or review of an Investment Committee charter, an investment policy and ongoing reporting and benchmarking requirements.

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4. Philanthropy

Protecting and enhancing long term legacies, position and impact in the community.

William Buck’s Family Office Philanthropic Service offers an array of tailored solutions that brings together the right people, processes and structures to maximise your chosen social footprint.

We bring the experience and expertise to help your family achieve measurable social impact through meaningful and effective philanthropy – connect you with causes that match your values, helping you achieve effective and sustainable giving, and advancing the value of your philanthropic efforts.

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5. Fully integrated service offering

William Buck Family Office is limited only by your requirements. We encompass a full range of services to meet your financial and investment needs, including but not limited to:

  • Financial and investment management
  • Family Office Advisory Services
  • Asset management
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Private CIO/CFO
  • Lifestyle services
  • Taxation advice
  • Family governance, coaching and education
  • Reporting administration and compliance
  • Risk Management

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