spring edition 2013 NZ

Any business needs to add value to continue to be relevant in today’s ever changing market place.

So my question to you is – what are you doing to add value to your stakeholders and community?

You may well ask in response, what is William Buck Christmas Gouwland doing to add value?

There are a number of things we are doing and only some of them will be visible.  On the visible side we are providing more opportunities for the sharing of information through our business and investment series of seminars, and our breakfast series of seminars.  Both of these seminars are well received judging by the many positive comments being made to us.

If you have not attended these seminars yet please come along to the next ones, or if for any reason you have not received an invitation please let us know so we may correct this.

We have also continued with our workshop programme with topics covered this year including, transfer pricing, succession planning, and current property issues.

However most of the things we do will generally be invisible.  For instance we spend time building relationships with banks, lawyers, investment advisers, and other key organisations such as Xero so that we can always provide you with a steer in the right direction when you need help.

Another invisible is our efforts in the community.  For instance you will not know that we support young doctors in training by providing materials needed for practical medical workshops, that we provide pro bono accounting, audit and tax support to community groups, that we help younger athletes complete overseas, or we sit on a variety of community group boards.

However the most important way we add value that is not visible is through the constant detailed training that all our people do, so that we may always provide the most up to date advice and support to you.

So again I ask, what are you doing to add value to your stakeholders and the community?

Leicester Gouwland
Managing Director