spring edition 2013 SA

With the change of season also comes a change of Government following the recent Federal election. Like many Australians, I’m looking forward to the increased political stability that is likely to result from this change. More importantly though, I’m hoping it will lead to increased business confidence which will have a positive impact across the national economy.

At a State economic level, one of the emerging stories is the likely bumper harvest for South Australia’s grain producers following an extremely favourable season. With just weeks left, a strong finish to the season will bring about an immediate injection into our State’s local economy.

We’re pleased to present another information filled newsletter, with articles ranging from developing an acquisition strategy through to your responsibilities as an executor if you agree to take on this role.

Of particular note is the article on detecting employee fraud. Our recent seminars on this topic have been extremely well attended and are a reflection of the growing focus of business owners on controlling and detecting employee fraud, particularly as more business processes become ‘electronic’.

Our article on succession planning is also a recommended read. We’re seeing more clients seeking advice on succession planning and given it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ process, it’s one you want to get right. Early and careful planning is essential to ensure a successful outcome and our experienced advisors are well placed to lead you through this very sensitive process.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and trust the coming months will be successful.