The Tax Advisers Guide to Part IVA

We are excited to inform you that Greg Travers, the NSW Head of Tax has authored a book titled ‘The Tax Advisers Guide to Part IVA’ which will be published shortly by The Tax Institute.

Part IVA is a general anti-avoidance provision in the income tax laws.  It contains the rules that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) apply to distinguish between legitimate tax planning and unacceptable tax avoidance.

The tax implications of every transaction and the effectiveness of all tax planning is ultimately determined by Part IVA.  In a way, it is the most critical provision in the whole of the tax laws.

The Government has recently passed the most significant amendments to Part IVA since it was first enacted in 1981.  The amendments are a reaction to a series of court cases that the ATO lost and which, in the view of the Government, exposed issues with the way in which Part IVA was being applied.

The need for these amendments and their impact on taxpayers will be debated for years to come.  What is certain is that the amendments fundamentally alter the playing field when it comes to tax planning and choosing tax effective commercial options.

There has been a lot of technical and academic analysis of Part IVA but little focus on the practical aspects that impact on taxpayers every day.  That is the gap that Greg’s book is intended to fill.  The book is one of the most comprehensive publications available on Part IVA.

The publication of this book continues William Buck’s history of being at the forefront of the tax profession and sharing our knowledge and expertise with others in our profession and the broader business community.

As well as authorising this new book, Greg and the tax team at William Buck are regularly invited to present at conferences and events by The Tax Institute, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and other bodies.  They are particularly well regarded for their ability to explain complex tax issues in an understandable and practical way.

The Tax Advisers Guide to Part IVA

Greg Travers

Greg is the national leader of the Tax Services division. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading tax advisors, Greg has assisted countless businesses, individuals and families to deal with the often difficult situation of an ATO or State Revenue audit. Greg also specialises in international tax working with overseas businesses as they set up and operate in Australia, and assisting Australian businesses that are venturing overseas.

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