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Making Western Sydney Greater is a collaborative project between William Buck, St.George, Western Sydney University, and Western Sydney Business Connection. Analysing the experiences of business owners and managers in Western Sydney helps us to identify the important issues and priorities for businesses and drive positive change for you and the region.

In this latest report, we focus on the benefits and obstacles of strong digital marketing strategy, the impact of better connectivity and new transport networks, and take a look at growth and employment outlook for businesses in Western Sydney.

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As a SME your top priority is to grow your company. Many businesses feel that M&A sits in the ‘too-hard’ basket but there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the strong interest from foreign investors.

We want to know how we can help Western Sydney SME’s capitalise on the opportunities abroad and build their business through international expansion and M&A. There’s a number of key markets hungry for Australian companies so how can you seize the opportunity? Complete the MWSG survey now!

2018 Report Highlights

Business Sentiment

Reaching its highest point over the survey’s history, businesses across Western Sydney are buoyant.

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Economic Performance

Businesses expect a strong economic environment and forecast exceeding their budgeted revenue, profit and capital expenditure targets.

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Employment Trends

55% of businesses are expecting to increase their full-time workforce over the next 12 months.

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The bold vision to make Western Sydney a 30-minute city will be a game-changer for liveability. Businesses are gearing up to leverage the opportunities from improved connectivity.


Digital Media

86% of businesses believe they have an effective website, 75% are using social media and have plans to invest more over the next 12 months.

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About the Respondents

Find out more about the respondents for the 2018 Making Western Sydney Greater Report.

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