At William Buck, our wealth advisory team offers a holistic approach to helping you accumulate your personal wealth. We assess your personal and financial goals and provide tailored strategic advice to help ensure you reach those outcomes.

Our integrated-service offering means we can project manage your personal and professional portfolio and provide ongoing planning and support through long-term relationships with your key advisors.

Financial project management

Unlike other wealth management firms, we offer a fully-integrated approach to managing and growing your wealth, meaning we can bring together  solutions for all your wealth, tax, business or corporate advice needs.

Having an integrated advice solution makes it easier for you to manage and control your personal wealth through long-term relationships and ongoing support.

Financial and strategic advice

Our experienced wealth advisors will assess your financial goals and provide effective strategic advice to ensure you meet those objectives.

We will work alongside you to accumulate your wealth, advising on superannuation and retirement planning, asset allocation, debt restructuring and your overall investment portfolio.

Our services

We’re focused on providing a seamless, cohesive service to our clients in Australia and across the world.

Wealth creation

Working closely with to understand your goals, our advisors will develop wealth creation, retirement and self-managed superfund strategies to best suit your needs, expand your wealth and protect your business.

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Our licenced superannuation advisors’ sole focus is on indentifying opportunities and developing strategies to ahcieve optimal outcomes from self-managed super funds and employee superannuation schemes.

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Portfolio administration

Our advisors can manage all aspects of your portfolio, removing responsibility and time commitment of handling all the paperwork associated with managing your investments.                                                                                                                                

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Insurance and risk management

Our insurance specialists are qualified to advise on both business and personal insurance. We can help you to review your insurance requirements, evaluate policies and provide practical recommendations to ensure that you have the optimum level of cover.

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Estate administration

Let us assist you in the administration of your estate, will and financial affairs to ensure that your family is well looked after and financially secure and your business and estate are managed according to your wishes.                                                                        

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Private manager and trustee

If you or someone you know becomes ill and unable to manage their financial affairs, we can remove the challenge and responsibility by providing a tailored and flexible management service, as well as acting as trustee. 

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Family office

 A premium service designed to meet the specific needs of clients with assets above $10 million. Our tailored approach provides expert guidance on managing vast and complex wealth portfolios.

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We assist wealthier Australian’s who make larger donations to a concentrated pool of charities to establish and manage their own Private Ancillary Fund.                                                                                             

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Our people

Providing tailored and comprehensive advice – no matter where you are in the journey

With a multi-skilled team and high ratios of financial advisors to clients, we are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients.

You will be appointed a dedicated advisor who is on hand to answer any queries, along with regular meetings and comprehensive reports covering portfolio performance.

We will assist you with an ongoing plan at all stages of your journey, whether you’re just starting to accumulate and enjoy your wealth, settling down or planning for retirement.

Wealth Advisory Specialists

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