Having access to new markets or creating new products/services provides unlimited opportunity for your business and requires a structured, planned and disciplined approach that incorporate both external and internal aspects of your business.

Whether starting an E-Commerce business from scratch, adapting your current business to have a greater presence globally, or disrupting the status quo through new technology, the issues surrounding your business are complex and constantly changing.  The nature of your business dictates the type and variety of advice that will help you make your business.

Understanding whether your business is an E Business, E-Commerce, Start up, traditional business looking for efficiencies, physically global or a Digital Disruptor through Technology allows us to cut through the ‘industry jargon’ and make sure that our advice is based on your Goals, customers, product/service, team, resources and infrastructure to help you grow a sustainable business.  It’s about delivering crucial bespoke advice from a foundation built on experience.

Budget VS Forecast

Ever wondered the difference between setting up a budget for your business or forecasting your income and expenses? Eric Flammang explores budget vs forecast.

Future of forecasting

In the financial world itself, gaining visibility and control over cash flows is the most fundamental activity businesses need to undertake and forecasting assists business to stay “agile”.

Innovation VS Transformation

Janelle Manders highlights the differences and similarities between Innovating and transforming your business.

Myths VS Reality

In this quick video principal Laura Johnstone busts some myths around the Digital Transformation realm.

E-commerce Strategies

User participation, network effects are important pillars of a great e-commerce strategy. Manager, Eric Flammang highlights these strategies how they can help your business and ROI in 2020.

Understanding Digital Economy

Digital readiness is essential for navigating the next decade to ensure companies not only survive but thrive. Director, Janelle Manders highlights how your business can get involved in the digital economy and the opportunities it provides.

Cloud Computing

Principal Laura Johnstone highlights the benefits of cloud computing to e-commerce businesses and, as clients, what you need to consider when looking to implement cloud based solutions.

Latest Articles

Person analyzing a financial dashboard with key performance indicators (KPI) and business intelligence (BI) charts with a business district cityscape in background

Accounting in the age of Technology – Lessons from the past

A fundamental driver for any business is the need to have accurate, timely and relevant information. With the increasing level of data generated about anything and everything, ensuring that the accounting system is making optimal use of that data is a role shared by business owner and CFO alike.

A focus on algorithms and automation

There is no one size-fits-all, easy definition of what an “agile” business is. As a matter of fact, defining it seems to be as complicated as implementing it. The literature on the subject is still very theoretical at this stage and somehow there is no mould every business can fit.

Digital Transformation – What to consider

Digital transformation can be defined as the acceleration of business activities and processes to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology. It is not just about disruption or technology. It’s about value, optimising the use of people and having the capability to rapidly adapt when needed, using technology.

Framework for digital innovation & transformation measures


Innovation and transformation have become ‘common place’ words and for many businesses, they’re  interchangeable. Transforming a business invariably requires a level of innovation including embracing new technology and learning new skills.

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Cloud computing & e-commerce



Advancements in automation and cloud based computing in the recent past have assisted e-commerce businesses, particularly with the introduction of platforms such as Shopify, Neto and Wix.

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Data analytics & e-commerce


becomingabusinessownertileAWHL 1

There is no denying e-commerce is transforming the way Australians do business. Many businesses dread the idea of jumping online and embracing digital interactions with customers.

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E-commerce contracts: An Australian Tax perspective


This article aims at understanding the application of contract law to Australian e-commerce transactions with a focus on Taxation and Enforceability.

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Digital readiness – Disruption, Transformation and Extinction


The plethora of digital platforms and the influx of new technologies are a clear sign that this decade will be even more tumultuous than the last.

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Latest Podcasts

Episode 4 | The future of forecasting

Principal Laura Johnstone and Senior Manager Eric Flammang give insight into the future of forecasting and the importance of this.

Episode 5 | Innovation or transformation? - That is the question

Janelle Manders discusses the frameworks in which organisations can practice the concepts of digital innovation and transformation. Listen now to find out how these discussions can help you frame your thinking on how best to leverage the benefits of the digital economy.

Episode 6 | Digital transformation - what to consider

Laura Johnstone explores the idea of digital transformation, what to consider as a business when engaging with a digital transformation, and how to best interact with IT professionals in this area.

Episode 1 | E-commerce, Big data and Tax basics


Is E-commerce transforming the way Australians do business? Principal Laura Johnstone and Senior Manager Eric Flammang deconstruct the digital economy.

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Episode 2 | Digital Economy


Janelle Manders answers questions on the transformation of the digital economy and how best to assess your organisation and identify the opportunities. Listen now to find out how these discussions can help you frame your thinking on how best to leverage the benefits of the digital economy.

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Episode 3 | Cloud Computing


Eric Flammang and Laura Johnstone highlight the benefits of cloud computing to e-Commerce businesses and as clients what you need to consider when looking to implement cloud based solutions.

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