Accessing the Export Market Development Grant

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme aims to support small to medium sized businesses to break into export markets by reimbursing up to 50% of the expenses relating to export promotion.

In 2011-12, close to 3,000 exporters received assistance through the EMDG scheme. The total value of the grants for that period was $125.6 million.

The financial benefit

Under the scheme, Austrade will reimburse up to 50% (to a maximum of $150,000) of eligible export promotional expenses above $20,000. First time applicants may claim expenses incurred over the last two financial years.

Who can apply

Any Australian individual, partnership, company, association, co-operative, statutory corporation or trust that has carried on export promotion activities during the year can apply for a grant.

To be eligible, the business must have:

  • Income of not more than $50 million in the grant year
  • Incurred at least $20,000 of eligible export promotion expenses under the scheme

What expenses you can claim

The EMDG supports nine categories of promotional activities, including:

  • Overseas representation – costs of maintaining an overseas representative on a long-term basis in a foreign country
  • Marketing consultants – costs of engaging a consultant to undertake market research activities
  • Marketing visits – costs of travel made for the purpose of export promotion
  • Communications – communication costs with a potential buyer, distributor, representative or consultant
  • Free samples – the costs of providing samples of the products you are promoting for export
  • Trade fairs, seminars and in-store promotions – external costs related to participating in a trade fair, seminar or in-store promotion
  • Promotional literature and advertising – external costs of promotional material
  • Overseas buyers – the cost of bringing potential buyers, who are non-residents, to Australia
  • Registration and/or insurance of eligible intellectual property – costs of granting, registering or extending rights for eligible intellectual property and costs of obtaining insurance to protect these rights

Need more help

Applications for 2012-2013 open on 1 July, 2013 and close on 2 December, 2013.

For further information about the grant or to find out if you are eligible please contact your local William Buck Advisor.

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