ACNC releases fact sheet on concessions

Several federal, state and territory tax concessions are available to charities.

Your charity must be registered with the ACNC to apply for ATO concessions, but unregistered charities can apply for certain state, territory and local government concessions.

Details can be found in the Charity tax concessions available fact sheet.  It’s important to understand that while the ACNC registers organisations such as charities for federal purposes the ATO remains responsible for administering tax law, including deciding your organisation’s eligibility for tax concessions.

The fact sheet addresses:

  • Applying for tax concessions from the ATO
  • Income tax exemptions and franking credits
  • Goods-and-services tax concessions
  • Fringe-benefits tax rebates
  • Additional charity tax benefits (you can apply for tax benefits additional to those listed above if your charity is registered as a public benevolent institution, health promotion charity or charity for the advancement of religion)
  • Fringe-benefits tax exemptions
  • Deductible-gift-recipient (DGR) status, and
  • Tax concessions from state, territory and local governments.