ACNCs strategic plan for 2015 18

The ACNC has launched a strategic plan for 2015-2018. The commission’s priorities are:

  • Maintaining and enhancing public trust and confidence in charities
  • Supporting charities to be healthy and sustainable
  • To make it easier for charities by driving regulatory and reporting simplification, and
  • Sustaining an independent, transparent and well-governed ACNC with a positive culture and a strong customer-service focus.

The commission will continue working with other commonwealth, state and territory regulators, and take a leadership role in best-practice charity regulation nationally and internationally.  Red-tape reduction is a key focus.

Highlights of the strategic plan are to:

  • Develop a fully populated charity register with usable, accessible and accurate data
  • Analyse and report on charity data to demonstrate the contribution of the sector to the Australian community and identify sector trends
  • Ensure a high take-up by government departments of the charity passport to drive red-tape reduction
  • Develop and maintain a high-calibre workforce that can effectively deliver the ACNC’s strategic priorities.

The 2015-18 plan is available at

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