autumn edition NZ

I hope you have all had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break over the Easter period, and are now positively looking forward to the year ahead.

There does appear to be a lift in activity and confidence to start the year – perhaps it has something to do with the weather?  Although the sudden demise of Mainzeal has blunted an otherwise positive start to the year.

Recently the William Buck Christmas Gouwland directors held a two day strategic meeting to plan the merged firm’s activities over the next year or so.  It is amazing how enthusiastic and positive outlook by those attending the meeting, can produce such a lot of great ideas and an improvement in communication.

If your business has not held a strategic planning meeting recently I would certainly recommend one to you.  I am sure the benefits will well and truly exceed the time and effort put in.

We look forward to sharing the outcomes of our meeting with you over the coming year.

In this edition of Be Informed we have an insight into Myanmar along with other interesting articles, if you have any questions related to the featured articles please don’t hesitate to contact your William Buck Christmas Gouwland advisor.