Senior Accountant – Business Recovery Services

changing lives

“In August 2015, along with four friends I took part in a charity tour across India known as the Rickshaw Run. The tour involved a gruelling 3 week, 3,600km journey by rickshaw from the north-eastern town of Shillong to the south-eastern city of Kochi, Kerala.
The experience forced us to leave our comfort zones and witness all the magic India has to offer. Along the way we saw the daily struggle of some of the world’s poorest people and were overwhelmed with the generosity of those we met who were willing to drop everything to offer a helping hand.

As it turned out, we needed a helping hand in the first week of the tour when our rickshaw broke down in the Himalayas! A local villager, Shiv, saw we were stranded and offered to take us in for the night. We stayed with Shiv and his family who cooked us a traditional Indian meal and made us feel at home. Shiv was more than happy to offer us what little he had to make us feel comfortable.

William Buck supported our efforts and generously donated $500 towards our two chosen charities of Alzheimer’s Australia and Cool Earth. The trip taught me the importance of perseverance in difficult times and the amazing experiences you can have by leaving your comfort zone.”