Chifley Kids getting a better breakfast thanks to Souths Cares and William Buck

Chifley Public School is the latest Sydney school to benefit from the Souths Cares Breakfast Program.

William Buck is proud to sponsor the program which provides a nutritious breakfast including fresh fruit, cereal, toast and milk to schools across the south of Sydney.

One of the key elements of our Changing Lives vision is to make a positive difference in our community.  Our involvement in the Breakfast Program allows us to do just that.  As Souths Cares General Manager Brock Schaefer explains

“Research has shown that children who participate in a school breakfast program, are less likely to be overweight, have improved nutrition, eat more fruits, drink more milk and consume a wider variety of foods.

“Other studies conclude that students who eat breakfast increase their maths and reading scores as well as improve their speed and memory in cognitive tests, and a number of educators from our catchment have reported to us that they notice changes in classroom behaviour of some students who are now eating a regular breakfast.”

Providing better opportunities for the next generation is very important to William Buck’s National Chairman Nick Hatzistergos.  He says:

“While my parents worked hard to ensure we had every opportunity, I didn’t have the most affluent childhood.  For families living on a tight budget, providing a healthy breakfast every day can be tough.  If helping to fill these kids’ stomachs gives them a better start then I believe we’ve made a difference.”

To find out more about Souths Cares please visit their website.

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