Encouraging a Positive Lifestyle

We are delighted to share with you that we recently joined forces with our friends at Souths Cares to proudly sponsor Green Square School’s Healthy Eating Breakfast/Lunch program. The program has been designed to encourage healthy eating in the school’s population and in turn encourage a positive lifestyle.

Green Square School aims to integrate students experiencing challenges with their behaviour successfully back into a mainstream school, or develop skills that will enhance their ability with their education to positively engage in the wider community.

Souths Cares General Manager, Shannon Donato, said that each week the school diligently prepares more than 430 meals as part of their healthy breakfast program, which also includes recess and lunch. “Having the sponsorship of companies such as William Buck goes a long way to making these programs are not only possible but sustainable. The financial support Souths Cares receives from William Buck will ensure that each Green Square student has access to at least two healthy meals each day”, said Mr Donato.

Patrick Faucher, Assistant Principal at the school has reported the initial signs of the program have been very encouraging.  He recently said “we are one and a half weeks into our healthy eating program and not a single student has left school grounds to go to McDonalds. Those staff working here for up to 8 years now cannot remember a time when this has happened”.

Although it is early days, this is a very encouraging indicator for the initial stages of the program.

Mr Faucher also said “another key indicator as to the initial benefits of this program – instead of splintering out into different parts of the school or out into the streets, all students crowd around the eating table together and share a healthy recess and lunch. Together they are socialising happily amongst each other.  Improving their social skills for all of our students is such a crucial aspect of their success both in this program and in returning back to their mainstream schools”.

We look forward to following and sharing the progress of the students and how the breakfast/lunch program will assist their development throughout 2014.

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