We are accountants and advisors who have a deep understanding of the tech sector. Helping tech companies to grow from startup to exit, our passion is working with people who put everything into a business to commercialise ideas that change lives.

We have built our experience over the years working with the tech sector to deliver services such as tax advisory, virtual CFO, outsourced accounting, M&A advisory, structuring for international expansion, R&D tax incentive claims, employee share schemes and ESIC advisory.

Who we serve

  • SaaS and cloud
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile and apps
  • Fintech
  • AI, machine learning and automation
  • Data Science
  • Agritech
  • IoT
  • Digital Media
  • Edutech
  • Medtech/Biotech
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Regtech

Our tech values

  • We aim to form long term relationships with clients who share our values.
  • The focus of our efforts is your success – part of our Changing Lives ethos.
  • Our passion is working with entrepreneurs who put everything they have into a business and people with big ideas trying to change the world.

Our “Startup to Exit” approach

  • With our specialist resources and global reach, we will grow with you as you rapidly scale. You will have a core team that will be your first point of contact, who will then bring in other specialised William Buck capabilities at the right time to provide holistic advice through a “One Firm” approach.
  • We aim to become your trusted advisor and sounding board on all financial matters by providing transparent and honest advice.
  • We are accessible. You meet all our team members you will work with and we will be available to you on a timely basis.

Local knowledge, global reach

With offices across Australia and New Zealand, William Buck has a strong presence in the region and is well placed to meet the needs of your business on both sides of the Tasman. Our local team is supported by our extensive global network, Praxity.

We have a deep understanding of the tech sector, growing tech companies from start up to exit.

Our insights gathered from years of experience working with founders, investors and advisors

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