JobKeeper Program – Startup-specific issues and FAQ

Our experts provide insight on some of the most commonly-asked questions received from the tech sector about how the JobKeeper measures apply to startups and scaleups.


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Deconstructing the future of the Digital Economy: The Series

Posted By Janelle Manders on 03/12/2020 02:14:47 am

It’s reassuring to hear the Prime Minister’s words recently that “Australian Digital Economy is crucial to jobs recovery” and that the Government is investing in…

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The Victorian Budget – What it means for startup and tech companies

Posted By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 27/11/2020 08:16:03 am

As the Victorian state endeavours to get people back to work to combat the government’s COVID-19 induced recession, it has specifically directed tremendous support to…

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Tax timing considerations for cashflow for a new business venture

Posted By Laura Johnstone on 25/11/2020 04:55:14 am

One of the biggest changes in mindset when setting up a new business is that you are responsible for your own income tax. If you…

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Successful Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) Grant Application

Posted By Dr. Rita Choueiri on 05/11/2020 05:40:19 am

The client The company is a global market leader in battery powered end-to-end industrial sensors and IOT solutions which are delivered to more than 200…

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