Introducing Praxity Our global alliance

As more business is conducted internationally, how do you access and unlock the wealth of opportunities that lie beyond Australasian borders?   As a Member of the Praxity Alliance, William Buck can help your business to explore, diversify and grow in international markets with greater confidence.

William Buck joined Praxity in 2008.   As a global alliance of well-established and experienced accounting firms, Praxity enables us to draw upon global resources, business expertise and local market and regulatory knowledge, for the benefit of our clients.

Your gateway to global opportunities

Established in 2007, Praxity has rapidly expanded into the seventh largest accounting group in the world.  Today, the alliance includes more than over 3600 partners and more than 47,000 professional staff, in 110 countries.

Praxity represents some of the strongest and most skilled global accountancy minds in our profession.   All participating firms have undergone a series of rigorous assessments using an uncompromising set of criteria, as executive director Graeme Gordon explains:

“At Praxity, we’re unashamedly selective. All our firms share Praxity’s ethos of quality service, technical acumen and a can-do attitude.  William Buck is one of those firms. It’s well respected by its peers, as leaders in both Australasian and global business.”

Being able to tap into this resource is invaluable for local businesses that are seeking to embrace global business opportunities.   Clients can explore unchartered business territories with confidence, knowing that regulatory requirements and cross-border risks have been considered and properly addressed.

Bringing skilled minds together

As a not-for-profit organisation, all Praxity fees are reinvested, with the single aim of advancing business support and facilitating greater contact between member firms.

The alliance provides the platform for independent firms from all over the globe to meet, share important knowledge, debate and delve deeper into topical issues and solve complex business challenges.

Each year, Praxity organises two regional conferences, concluding with the popular annual Praxity Global Conference.  Other valuable projects include the establishment of Working Group forums. These forums enable specific practice areas and disciplines to share best practice with their global counterparts and respond to market events as they happen.

Praxity firms outperform the market

Although independent, member firms – which include the likes of Plante Moran, BKD and, of course, William Buck – share a common goal; to facilitate dynamic business growth across the world.

Total combined revenue of Praxity Member firms in 2011 was US$3.7bn, representing a 12% leap in net fees.   This growth represents not only Praxity’s increased size and standing in the global market, but also its commitment to better client service.

Recognising Australia and New Zealand on the world stage

William Buck’s continued expansion in Australia and New Zealand reflects the increasing importance of the region on the world stage. With Australia enjoying 21 years without a recession, it is expected to soon be the fastest growing nation in the developed world.

Praxity also recognises the growing importance of Australasia in international business.  William Buck’s Chairman, Nikolas Hatzistergos, was recently appointed to both Praxity’s Membership Committee and Governing Council. Mr Hatzistergos says:

“Over the years, we’ve gained a lot from being a part of the Praxity alliance. Being elected to the Governing Council will give me the opportunity to give something back and to assist in driving the alliance’s strategic direction.

“For William Buck, it’s a great recognition of the respect that the firm receives within the accounting and business community and a real indication of the status that Australia and New Zealand have reached internationally.”

To learn more about Praxity and the many benefits it presents to members and clients alike, visit

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