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Although the areas of business recovery and insolvency may appear daunting, they don’t always mean the end of your business. 

By acting fast and getting the right advice, you may be able to turn your business around.

At William Buck Chartered Accountants and Advisors we have a proven track record of achieving results in all aspects of formal and informal restructuring and insolvency appointments.

We aim to assist companies and individuals in financial distress as early as possible, in order to reach a financially and strategically beneficial solution.

Even in situations where it appears there may be few solutions our experts can assess the circumstances and offer alternatives or valuable advice.


And, while insolvency may be inevitable in some situations, our expertise in business reconstruction allows us to assist many businesses to trade out of hardship. 

Financial distress does not have to mean the end of the business but rather (if addressed quickly) it can offer an opportunity to restructure the business and prepare it for growth and greater profitability.


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