As a result of an accident, ill health or unfortunate circumstances certain people become incapable of managing their own financial affairs.

Often these people receive a sum of money in the form of an award for damages to compensate them for the losses they have suffered and to provide income to meet future needs.  These people are referred to as protected persons.

In such circumstances someone needs to take responsibility for the financial affairs of the protected person.  That responsibility is often placed in the hands of a trustee/manager on behalf of the protected person.  The money entrusted to the trustee and manager is referred to as the protected estate.

Protection is put in place for the protected person by imposing obligations on the trustee to have adequate insurance, report regularly on the funds held and act in the best interests of the protected person.

The trustee can be an appropriately qualified individual and or incorporated body.  Appointments can be either public or private.

How can we help?

Our Private Trustee Service provides a personalised and flexible management service.  It is suitable for those people wanting a tailored approach as opposed to receiving a standardised solution that may or may not be the best option.

What are the services provided?

Upon Appointment

  • Carry out the directions of the Court or similar jurisdiction set out in the order
  • Full assessment of the protected persons financial needs
  • Preparation of a financial plan for the protected person including appropriate structuring recommendations to facilitate tax and operational efficiency
  • Communicate, adjust and implement the plan including investment of funds

Ongoing Management

  • Collect and record investment returns
  • Distribute funds to the protected person or make distributions on behalf of the protected person
  • Complete all reporting obligations to the relevant jurisdictions (including taxation authorities)
  • Attending to ongoing administration of fund assets
  • Review performance against the original plan and make modifications if and when required
  • Deal with requests from the protected person as and when required

Not only is our Private Trustee Service more personalised, it is also more cost effective than other services available.

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