Xero is the emerging leader in cloud accounting software.  Its software allows business owners, managers and their advisors to process, record, and access their financial transactions from anywhere with an internet connection.
It makes use of a single ledger, multi-user system, allowing you and your advisor to access the same financial data in real time (for more information on the benefits of a single ledger system see our cloud accounting page).

Aside from its multi-user functionality and real-time data, Xero boasts a host of other features all aimed at making the process of bookkeeping easier and more automated.  Xero offers:

  • A simple yet comprehensive dashboard
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • Instant up to date financial reporting with links to the original transaction records
  • Automated payroll including tax and superannuation
  • The ability to pay bills within Xero
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Inventory management

Additionally, users of Xero have access to a suite of third party add-ons allowing them to integrate and manage every aspect of their business from within Xero.
William Buck is an accredited Xero partner.  We have a team of experts in each office dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of Xero. This means that whether you’re transitioning to Xero from other bookkeeping software, or are already using Xero we can provide simple and hassle free advice.

Our Xero packages are customisable, ensuring that our clients receive the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

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