spring edition 2013 wa

With the change of season comes a change of Government and along with that many promises and reforms.  In this newsletter we feature an article on proposed tax reforms and what the new Government means for you from a corporate as well as an individual perspective.

We also present some very relevant articles ranging from detecting employee fraud through to succession planning. There is a growing focus for business owners on controlling and detecting employee fraud, particularly with the increasing focus on business processes become more electronic, online or in the ‘cloud’.

The succession planning article is particularly relevant to many of our clients to assist with ensuring early and careful planning takes place in order to produce successful outcomes. At times this can be a sensitive topic and our advisors understand and have experience in dealing with matters of this nature.

Another great article in this issue focusses on choosing an Executor for your Estate and the responsibilities involved with this role. As professional advisors, the Directors at William Buck are often chosen to take on this obligation and we are more than happy to oblige. Dealing with a number of estates in the past has allowed us to develop an Executor Notes product which eases the process of compiling the required information prior to having to act as Executor.

With much to consider after reading this thought provoking issue I trust the coming months will be successful and involve some insight into planning for the future of your business and family alike. Remember we are here to help with both your business and personal endeavours.

Mark Collins
Managing Director